Digital Colour Doppler
Ultrasound System

Value and Efficiency

Impressive image quality, a wide variety of modalities and applications whilst ensuring high level diagnostic capability and efficient workflow. The 19” LCD monitor with full screen mode and dual visualization ensure visualization of the bigger clinical picture as well as the smallest details truly enhancing the diagnostic capability of the user. A complete selection of multifrequency probes and with frequencies of up to 16 MHz, increase versatility and performance in General imaging, OB/Gyn, Shared Service and Small parts applications.



  • Complete imaging mode: 2D with THI, Colour M, CFM, PDI, PW, HPRF, CW, Contrast Imaging, Elastography, Stress Echo
  • Full range of Linear, Convex, Phased Array, Endocavity , TEE, Intraoperative ,Volumetric, and Biplane TRT probes, wide scanning Angle Endo-Cavity Probe
  • High density transducers with frequencies ranging from 1.9 to 16 MHz
  • 5-band adjustable frequency in B mode (fundamental wave and harmonic wave)
  • 19-inch high definition LCD monitor with large imaging area
  • Ergonomic design with 8-inch touch screen with intuitive user interface and fast system response greatly improve workflow during daily scanning.
  • Four transducer sockets and one pencil socket


Focus on Ergonomics and Design combining innovative Keyboard and the shape of the probes have been developed by following and observing the day activities of ultrasound users. The new Technologies driven by easier software interface reduce and simplified movement during examinations offering better comfort for the user and patients.The ultrasound diagnostic software can be customized and easily performed by users.



  • High-Class Volumetric Probe
  • Wide Scanning Angle Endo-Cavity Probe
  • Flexible User-Defined Keys
  • Ultrasound-Guided Puncture
  • Outstanding 3D/4D Imaging Quality
  • Excellent 2D Image Quality even in the Color Mode
  • Real-time Panoramic Imaging
  • High Sensitivity of Blood Flow
  • Trapezoid Imaging
  • Enhanced Workflow
  • Powerful Patient Information Management System
  • Customized Preset Functions
  • M-Tuning One Button Optimization