Features & Benefits

Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging

By transmitting two ultrasound waves which have the opposite phase, P|H can offset the fundamental wave and double the harmonic wave so that we can reduce noise and clutter and keep the harmonic wave maximized. Thus the user can achieve a better contrast resolution in visualizing subtle lesions, small parts, vascular and so on.

Compound Imaging

Utilizing deflection sound beams and various frequency ranges, this technology will superimpose the images. This results in optimal resolution, speckle reduction and border detection, allowing the image to have better clarity and improved continuity of structures, especially in superficial and abdominal imaging.


Our new generation μ-Scan technology greatly improves the visibility of organs and lesions.The high-definition contrast resolution will suppress speckle artifacts while maintaining real tissue architecture.

Other Features

  • Optional 21’’ Screen
  • Optional full adjustable 13” control panel
  • High-Class Volumetric Probe
  • Wide Scanning Angle Endo-Cavity Probe
  • Flexible User-Defined Keys
  • Ultrasound-Guided Puncture
  • Outstanding 3D/4D Imaging Quality
  • Excellent 2D Image Quality even in the Color Mode
  • Real-time Panoramic Imaging
  • High Sensitivity of Blood Flow
  • Trapezoid Imaging
  • Enhanced Workflow
  • Powerful Patient Information Management System
  • Customized Preset Functions
  • M-Tuning One Button Optimization

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