Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System

The Ideal Solution in your daily practice

The P10Vet is a cost-effective, portable color Doppler diagnostic ultrasound system. Characterized by user-friendly workflow, offering excellent image quality and reliable performance delivering high diagnostic confidence. Complete range of Linear, Convex, and Phase array probes with two standard probe connectors. Compact, Lightweight and Portable. Great for small animal and large animal practitioners, in or out of the clinic. The built-in battery provides 2 hours of use.

Ultrasound imaging system for veterinarians



Multimode premium performance, advanced ergonomics, outstanding image quality, user-friendly interface and modularity in a compact and portable unit. Complete range of Linear, Micro-Convex, and Phase array probes with two standard probe connectors. A large variety of multi-frequency transducers, abundant VET measurement and calculation software packages



  • Multi-Beam Formation Technology
  • Phase-inversion Harmonic imaging + Frequency Compound imaging
  • Spatial Compound imaging
  • Multiple imaging Modes
  • Duplex & Triplex imaging
  • Colour Doppler enhancement technology
  • Power (Directional Power) Doppler Imaging